Project Overview

SLIEM in association with Teewave Technologies, have initiated a demonstration & training centre with all the equipment installed at our facility in New Barrackpur.

We have installed Solar Appliances at various district of West Bengal. Our product portfolio encompasses the following appliances

  1. Cold Room
  2. Solar Hybrid Dehydrator
  3. Eco Hatchery
  4. Ice Block Machine
  5. Mud Block Machine
  6. Fish Fry Counter
  7. Soda Making Machine



Technical Specification:

Solar Hybrid Dehydrator


Technical Specification:

Ice Block Machine

The high pressure vapor is condensed into high pressure liquid and drained out through the throttle valve to become low pressure liquid. At this instant the liquid is conducted to the evaporator where heat exchanging occurs and ice is created. This is one complete refrigeration cycle.

The direct cooling block ice machine is a block ice machine in which the evaporator is made of aluminum alloy, and the refrigerant is directly evaporated and heat exchanged in the evaporator to make ice without other heat exchange carriers (such as brine). It is used for aquatic product processing, slaughtering and processing, vegetable distribution and fresh-keeping, supermarket fresh-keeping, aquatic market fresh-keeping, marine fishery, etc.

Eco Hatchery

The hatchery includes 6 FRP jars . The jar has a conical shape with 60cm diameter at the top. The height of the conical portion of the jar at the bottom is 30cm. The total height of the jar from the floor level is 100 cm with the water depth of 86

The jars are connected by inlet and outlet pipes with control valves. The inlet has a network of GI or UPVC pipes that contains 5 cm(2”) diameter main pipe which in turn is connected to overhead tank. This pipe is reduced to 1.5 cm(1/2”) in order to supply water to jars at desired flow rate. Water enters the jar from the bottom and comes out through an outlet provided at the top maintaining vertical flow of water in the jar, which bobs up the eggs continuously to avoid settlement of eggs at the bottom; and finally leads to hatching of eggs. At the top of the jar , one groove (6 cm depth) is made in between inner and outer walls. In order to prevent the escaping of eggs and hatchlings/spawn from the jar, dispose off the dissolved waste and free flow of water. MS flat framed cone shaped skeleton fitted with the fine cloth mesh (40 micron) fits in the groove on the inner wall of the jar at a depth of 44 cm from the top of the jar. The frame with the mesh is tightened at the top on the arms of the frame with nut and bolt arrangement. The outlet of the jar is in the form of 5 cm(2”) diameter UPVC pipe.

Hydraulic Mud Block Machine

This Mud Block Machine is used to produce bricks of weight up-to 8 kgs, the raw materials for making bricks are Red soil, Stone dust, Cement and lime powder. The dimensions of 8kg brick are 9 inch (Length), 7 inch (width) and 4 inch (height), these bricks have to be cured for 21 days under a shed by sprinkling water. The hydraulic system in this machine runs on System 68 hydraulic oil. The Oil tank capacity is of 50L. The motor used on hydraulic system is 3-phase, 3HP, 1445 RPM Induction motor. With these bricks two stored building can be constructed without pillars. We can run this machine for 3 shifts in a day and can produce 850 bricks per day. Total production in a month=850x30=25,500 pcs of brick

Soda Making Machine

This machine will produce soda. The capacity of it is 65 lt. It consists of refrigerating system which will cool the water and it maintain the cold water up to 10 hours. It contains one more thing that is carbon-dioxide cylinder which mainly produces soda. As per customer need we mix flavor with the soda. For cooling purpose it consumes 1.5 unit per hour.