Book Selling and Distribution wing

Vision: To set up a Vocational Skills eco-system which would provide employment linked Vocational Skills Training Program to youth across the Country.

Our company, SLIEM LTD, is a leading provider of educational books and resources for Schools, Colleges and Universities. We are having 3+ years of experience in this filed and We have built a strong reputation for delivering comprehensive and up-to-date publications that align with various academic disciplines. Our services include

  • Supply Of Textbooks
  • Study Guides
  • Research Materials
  • Other Educational Resources from Renowned Publishers and Authors.

Some key factors which make us special in this field are:

1. Diverse and Comprehensive Collection: Our extensive collection covers a wide range of subjects, ensuring that we can cater to the diverse academic needs of your institution. From humanities to sciences, business to technology, we offer textbooks and supplementary resources for various courses and majors. 2. Competitive Pricing and Discounts: We understand the financial constraints faced by students and educational institutions. We are committed to offering competitive pricing for our books, and we are open to negotiating discounts and bulk purchase arrangements to make the resources more affordable. 3. Convenient and on-time Delivery: We ensure prompt delivery of orders, with the option for expedited shipping when required. 4. Proper Packaging: We will create eye-catching and engaging packaging for set of books that resonate with the target audience. 5. Warehouse Availability: We have the availability of warehouse in all locations to ensure timely delivery of books in a convenient way. We are confident that our initiative is greatly contributing to the academic success of students and is supporting faculty members in delivering high-quality education.