Teaching Methodology

  • Theory & Practical classes will be conducted according to Session Plans.
  • Before the commencement of each modular examination, revision classes must be conducted to cover all subjects taught in the respective module. The revision class will also serve as a student feedback session.
  • Extra Practice Session is a facility given to students for clearing their doubts.
  • Special Theory classes will be conducted every week, to allow students to clear their doubts.
  • Innovative  study materials with easy learning method (posters, banners, mockups) according to a trade.
  • The teaching work is carried out using various interesting methods such as photographic as well as video graphic presentation of the subject matter.
  • The lessons have been divided according to the level of understanding which includes introduction, basics, advance part as learning progresses further
  • Library with lot of reference books for  trainees
  • Newly recruited faculty members will undergo a compulsory SLIEM T3P(TRAIN THE TRAINERS) program at our selected venue. During the training period knowledge in their respective fields will be assessed through a series of written tests and presentations.
  • On successful completion of the orientation program a faculty member will be issued an SIEM certificate. You are requested to ensure that no faculty is allotted any class or subjects for whom he/she has not secured the SLIEM Compliance Test.

Session plans to ensure  class ends as per scheduled plan

Batch files to ensure continuous monitoring and improvement as required –

Batch files comprise of the following things –

  • Cover sheet – front page of the batch file describing the batch details
  • Batch Allocation Form – Capturing student records
  • Attendance sheet – capturing student attendance time to time
  • Presentation Allocation sheet – for taking seminars
  • Presentation evaluation sheet- for evaluation results in seminars
  • Assessment Sheet – For conducting exams and capturing marks
  • Classroom audit report- for conducting audit of Trainers
  • Batch Monitoring sheet – for writing health report of batches
  • Student Feedback – for capturing feedback about students
  • Resource Occupancy Chart – Routne in centres