SLIEM SKILLS , India’s leading  Skill Development company , provides a very professional and friendly environment amidst a world class ambience. Every employee is given the freedom to express his/her options and ideas and we ensure that it gets implemented if it is per our Organisational goals and worth a great discovery.

Being an ISO certified company, we follow the following –

  1. Our staff bonding is one of the noticeable qualities in this organisation.
  2. SLIEM SKILLS is a place where serious work meets deadlines amidst a fun-loving environment. Several stress busters events are being organised to revitalize the employees at all levels.
  3. Birthdays,anniversaries,holidays,festivals are celebrated here the same way we do at home.
  4. Special emphasis ,respect and care is given to Women Employees since they are one of the main fulcrum of this organisation .
  5. Our career development opportunities are beyond your imagination. Performers are nurtured and treasured like anything and follow a structured career growth path.

Overall in a short , SLIEM SKILLS is a “Great Place to work and enjoy – with seriousness and fun…with the fullest use of innovation and potential..amidst  friendly HR Policy Manual”