Confederation of Real Estate Developers Project

Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI) was established in 1999 with a mandate to pursue the cause of housing and habit providers. It has grown its membership base since then and has more than 11,940 members today spread across 23 state and 171 city chapters..CREDAI has so far trained more than 50,000 trainees in over 100 construction sites across 30 cities. CREDAI aims to undertake Skilling for at least 1 lakh Construction Workers in a year w.e.f. 2017-18. Established in 1999, CREDAI is the apex body representing 11,940 private Real Estate developers spread across 23 state level chapters and 171 cities in India.

 As compared to 96% in South Korea, 80% in Japan, 74% in Germany, 68% in UK and 45% in China, only 4% of India’s work force is skilled. Hence, the urgent need for skilling. It is in this background that CREDAI is focusing on Skill Development in the Construction and related sectors in a big way. The driving force of CREDAI in organizing its Skill Development trainings is that, as an industry body, it has the best understanding of required skills which need to be developed.  CREDAI is in a position to easily absorb the trained resources in the industry itself through its members. Hence, there is an excellent opportunity before CREDAI to meet its own requirements & also to contribute to Nation building.

 Some of our Centres – Murshidabad, Midnapore, Other locations of West Bengal

 Trades Covered: Mason, Plumbing