Hair Stylist

Hair Stylist


Hair Stylist

Qualification Pack: Hair Stylist




Minimum qualification – Class VIII/ the ability to read/ write and communicate effectively on the job role.

After completing this programme, participants will be able to:

• Prepare and maintain work area -preparing the equipment, products and work area ahead of service delivery to ensure the efficiently and effectiveness of conducting treatments considering the standards of operation of the salon.

• Perform Blow drying of hair apply hair dryer to perform blow dry aligned to the standards of operation of the salon.

• Perform Shampoo, condition the hair and scalp perform shampooing, conditioning and treating the hair using a range of products and techniques.

• Perform Scalp Massage and Hair Spa Services perform hair spa and scalp massage and using a range of products and massage techniques.

• Cut hair create a variety of looks for men/ women using club cutting, freehand and scissor-over-comb techniques, to define one length hair cuts, uniform layers, and short and long layers haircuts.

• Perform hair styling and dressing perform variety of dressing techniques to produce innovative, fashionable and creative looks for your clientele by adapting variety of styling and finishing techniques.

• Color and lighten hair Performa suitable hair coloring service using temporary and semi- permanent colors, changing hair color using coloring, lightening products and coloring techniques to achieve the desired look.

• Perm and neutralize hair create a variety of looks using basic perming techniques.

• Perform hair relaxing and straightening services provide specialized, relaxing services by analyzing and identifying influencing factors.

• Maintain health and safety of work area maintain a safe and hygienic environment at the work area to reduce potential risks to self and others.

• Create a positive impression at work area personal grooming and behavior to execute tasks as per the salon’s standards and create a positive impression at the workplace.

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