SLIEM Ltd. takes a Green initiative by installing 40kW Solar PV Plant

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We’ve been watching in the news – noticed our energy bills rising – and we’re also well aware of the harm we are doing to our environment. On the other hand, we’ve also been learning several ways to conserve. We’ve heard of solar panels, their benefits, their costs, and their return on investment. The rate at which solar energy is gaining popularity, going solar seems an incredible fleeting trend to be on and it is a decision that SLIEM Ltd. has opted for.

SLIEM Ltd. has completed installing 40kW Grid connected Solar Power Plant at four sites viz, IEM Gurukul, IEM Public School, SLIEM Ashram Building and UEM, each site with a capacity of 10kW with Net metering system.

Besides conducting Suryamitra trainings, we at SLIEM Ltd. have always made energy conservation a priority. When SLIEM Ltd. began to explore the possibilities of further improving the efficiencies of our buildings and modeling for our students the importance of renewable energy, this project came to life.

32 Panels of 325W has been installed on rails and rack mountings on the roof of each sites with Solar Inverters connected to it. The Solar System is connected to Net-metering System which would keep a track on the amount of solar electricity being generated and fed to the grid. The project was carried on by our own Suryamitra trainees under the guidance of Engineers from IEM and SLIEM Ltd. WBREDA had extended supports in formulation, designing, and proper implementation of the project along with disbursement of 30% subsidy on the investment.

It has been observed that each Plant has been generating 45 to 48 kilowatts of power (45 to 48 units) per day. When priced at a rate of Rs10 to Rs12 per unit, the energy generated from the solar PVs can save around Rs 15,000 per month. This means the amount invested returns back in 3 to 4 years.  

If you haven’t discovered the credits yet, you’ll be pleased to know that the installed solar plant has a predicted lifespan of 25 years and will generate over 100 MWhr of clean and green electricity each year, offsetting roughly 40% of the institutes’ electric load.

This solar installation contributed directly to the mission and the goals of deploying renewable energy to serve it as a teaching tool to other educational institutes and training centers. Based on the overwhelming success of this project, SLIEM Ltd. plans to develop more community solar in the future and extends one of the wings in installation of PV panels.

Solar energy is the foundation stone for this clean energy revolution. Today, about one third of global electricity is generated by Solar Energy. And with this trend continuing, most of the world’s energy needs will be fulfilled by converting sunlight into electricity, heat, and portable fuels well before the century is out. When that happens, the 21st century will be commemorated as the one in which humankind finally mastered the sun.