SLIEM extending its skill knowhow to the State of Meghalaya.

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If India is to gain its rightful place in the world, reap equal benefits and opportunities for all and rise from the debris of poverty and several other pressing issues, skill development needs to be given utmost priority amongst the national priorities. Besides science and technology, defence, space technology, India needs to develop phenomenally in agriculture, and other industrial skills.

In order to develop India, skills of its people should be developed as this still remains a major concern for the country .Human capital development has been one of the top priorities for the Government of Meghalaya with “education and skill development” as the foundation for further improving people’s productivity and employability in Meghalaya.

To achieve the objectives of quality and equitable human development, the Government of Meghalaya has implemented the project “Supporting Human Capital Development in Meghalaya (SHCDM) ”project, in association with Asian Development Bank (ADB). This program aims to increase the employability of Meghalaya’s youth by improving quality, delivery and access to Secondary and Higher Secondary (SHS) education, technical and vocational skills training across the 11 Districts of Meghalaya.

A. Jaintia Hills Division:

i. West Jaintia Hills (Jowai)

ii. East Jaintia Hills (Khliehriat)

B. Khasi Hills Division:

iii. East Khasi Hills (Shillong)

iv. West Khasi Hills (Nongstoin)

v. South West Khasi Hills (Mawkyrwat)

vi. Ri-Bhoi(Nongpoh)

C. Garo Hills Division:

vii. North Garo Hills (Resubelpara)

viii. East Garo Hills (Williamnagar)

ix. South Garo Hills (Baghmara)

x. West Garo Hills (Tura)

xi. South West Garo Hills (Ampati)

Salt Lake Institute of Engineering and Management intends to impart employment linked and demand driven skill training programs to the unemployed youths and build awareness among Meghalaya’s youth about the benefits of Education and vocational training.

SLIEM Center at Shillong

SLIEM Skills aims at engaging the unemployed youth in employment generating activities and by providing employable skills for domestic and overseas market. We also inspire the unemployed workforce to gain self-employment through entrepreneurial skill training which will have a very interesting impact on their personal development, their empowerment, their ability to connect with more marginalized people in their community. 

Although there has been a tradition of precision crafts or metal working and painting in Meghalaya, the potential of the sector has not been enough to generate employment in the sector. The communities which have innate skills and genetic talent do not have opportunities to express their abilities in industrial crafts and gaining benefit from the national missions like ‘Make in India’.

Traditionally, Meghalaya has always adopted high quality plumbing in view of the hilly terrain, water quality and supply condition. Across India construction of buildings need very high-quality plumbers, painters and other technicians who command a high premium in the market. Unfortunately, the supply of such trained workers is very limited.

Training in courses like Advanced Welder (Level 4), Advanced Plumbing Technician (Level 4), Advanced Painter/ Coating Technician (Level 4) are carried out by SLIEM Skill through the SHCDM project intends to impart skills to youths from semi-urban and rural areas of Meghalaya, who are at least 18 to 35 years of age and minimum 10th/12th/ ITI pass, with a view to create new opportunities for high quality artisan skills that can be linked to International Standards and markets through the various professional guilds existing in India.