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The Suryamitra Skill Competition, a flagship event initiated by the SaltLake Institute of Engineering & Management is the Skill Excellence Event related to renewable/clean energy which will showcase and welcome new ideas with the technological advancement.

The competition brings together more than 300 Suryamitra Trainees from nine owned centres and four partner centres located at Khargone (Madhya Pradesh), Silchar (Assam) and 11 locations across West Bengal. The Trainees would compete in installing Solar PV, House wiring and several other mind-boggling challenges.

SLIEM Ltd takes complete responsibility for creating an environment so as to develop professional skills within the trainees as required by the industry partners.

The event was set in motion with the first Suryamitra Skill competition” which was organised on 1st June, 2019. The next phase of the event is scheduled in last week of August. The event will be held at Salt Lake campus which is also the Head Office of the company.

The event would be held quarterly so that students those undergoing the training can be a part of the competition.

Getting Ready for Competition

Motivational Session and Carrier Counselling

Mission Statement

To offer Training Programs to:

  • Unemployed youth to help them get a Job
  • Under employed youth to help them get better job
  • Existing company employees to offer them specialized training, assessment and Certification services to enhance their skills and career prospects.


To set up a Vocational Skills eco-system which would provide employment linked Vocational Skills Training Program to youth across the Country.


  • Apart from competing in technical abilities, the trainees would also get an opportunity to showcase their skills in strategy, planning and systemization, through different puzzle challenges.
  • Through the Industry Expert session, the participants, most of them being fresher get to know about the industry culture. This session is generally convened by renowned industry experts from different Solar companies.
  • A motivational and career counselling session is an important part in the event. The trainees are made aware of the ways to up-skill themselves so as to prepare for their career growth. Discussion based on entrepreneurship skills and techniques are also discussed for the trainees.
Solar Panel Installation Challenge
Solar System Designing Puzzle Challenge

The event will act as a platform for youths to know each other and share their knowledge, skills and culture. Through different competitions, sessions, and an afternoon lunch the event ends with prize, medals and certificate distribution. The day remains as an experience that no other training institute has till been able to imprint the same in the minds of the Suryamitra trainees.

SaltLake Institute of Engineering and Management plans to extend the event in the future with more trainee participation across locations.

Winning Moment
Winners of the event