Assam State National  Urban Livelihood Mission

Assam State National  Urban Livelihood Mission  is to reduce poverty and vulnerability of the urban poor households by enabling them to access gainful self employment and skilled wage employment opportunities, resulting in an appreciable improvement in their livelihoods on a sustainable basis, through building strong grassroots level institutions of the poor.

The mission would aim at providing shelters equipped with essential services to the urban homeless in a phased manner. In addition, the mission would also address livelihood concerns of the urban street vendors by facilitating access to suitable spaces, institutional credit, social security and skills to the urban street vendors for accessing emerging market opportunities.

The core belief of National Urban Livelihoods Mission (NULM) is that the poor are entrepreneurial and have innate desire to come out of poverty. The challenge is to unleash their capabilities to generate meaningful and sustainable livelihoods. The first step in this process is motivating the urban poor to form their own institutions. They and their institutions need to be provided sufficient capacity so that they can manage the external environment, access finance, expand their skills, enterprises and assets. This requires continuous and carefully designed handholding support. An external, dedicated and sensitive support structure, from the national level to the city and community levels, is required to induce social mobilisation, institution building and livelihood promotion.

NULM believes that any livelihood promotion programme can be scaled up in a timebound manner only if driven by the poor and their institutions. Such strong institutional platforms support the poor in building up their own human, social, financial, and other assets. This in turn, enables them to access to rights, entitlements, opportunities and services from the public and private sectors, while enhancing their solidarity, voice and bargaining power.

NULM would place a very high emphasis on convergence with schemes/programmes of the relevant line Ministries/Departments and programmes of state governments dealing with skills, livelihoods, entrepreneurship development, health, education, social assistance, etc.

The mission will espouse the following values:

i Ownership and productive involvement of the urban poor and their institutions in all processes; ii Transparency in programme design and implementation, including institution – building and capacity strengthening;

iii Accountability of government functionaries and the community;

iv Partnerships with industry and other stakeholders; and

v Community self-reliance, self-dependence, self-help and mutual-help.

Under this initiative,  SLIEM SKILLS, initiated the training in 8 district of Assam- Guhawati,Nalbari,Dhubri,Lakhimpur,Silchar,Karimganj,Dhemaji,Diphu  to train 480 nos of youth on Departmental Manager trade. For a duration of 390 hours .